What I'm working on now
2018 was the year of the leap: moving to a new city after travelling for over 200 days (living in 6 different countries) while growing my business and personal confidence.

2019 was the year of volume: I took a lot of action from running a marathon to publishing two books (one became an Amazon best-seller), all the way to interacting with 350+ women after I went app-free.

2020 is the year of no sense: to operate on a whole different level, I must go of what makes sense to the person I currently am. The biggest themes are business and location.

What I’m working on right now: 2020A (Jan-Mar)

I decided to ignore the year, and focus on 12-week sprints (2020A currently).

Growing my Medium and Quora following (which doubled in 8 weeks), while also finding a more collaborative way to share my content: I'm working with a VA, an editor, and a mastermind group.

Reshaping my vlog efforts to be more organic and documenting, while also working on a collaborative podcast to experiment with by the end of the 12-week year.

Coaching entrepreneurs on getting super clear on their direction and smash their next goal.

Building a board of exceptional non-executive directors for a big business project that will grow over the next few months — stay tuned to get the full story!

Living between London and Barcelona (and occasionally Milan) as I explore and create a new way to live.
After being nomadic in 2018 and stable in London in 2019, I want to create a two-location lifestyle for 2020 (and beyond?).