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Why you keep 'trying' things…but never take action

You want to launch your online business, but you don’t know where to start.
It’s not that there isn’t any information out there: if anything, there is too much of it. 

You have listened to every marketing podcast, read a ton of ‘ultimate guides’, and your bedside table hosts a huge stack of books on mindset and business hacks.

There's so much information available, that it’s paralysing.

Every time you decide to follow a step-by-step that resonates with you, a few days later you come across another ‘tactic’ and suddenly drop everything…just to start from scratch.

On one hand, you are determined to launch your service or product online;
On the other hand, you keep procrastinating and looking for information.

Self-sabotage is getting in the way of your dreams, and you start to doubt yourself.
You have daydreamed about launching your business many times: you can picture exactly what you want to accomplish. Deep inside, you know you would regret never giving yourself a chance to see what you’re capable of.

What your second income could enable for you…

  • Give you the opportunity to express yourself and to create meaningful work
  • ​Let you focus on your strengths and see the full impact of your efforts and energy
  • ​Unlock more control on your schedule, so you can travel or share time with family
  • ​Show you what you’re capable of when you take action instead of procrastinating
  • ​Enable you to bring value to someone else’s life through your product or service
  • ​Allow you to inspire your friends and family to take action on their dreams
  • ​Make extra money on the side (and one day, maybe go full time) for your life experiences, or to support your friends and family’s growth


  • ​Over 5m content views online
  • ​​Contributed to raising over $5m on crowdfunding
  • Coached entrepreneurs exceeding $3bn collectively
  • ​Amazon best-selling author of Invest Your Time
  • ​Published 2 books in a single year (more to come…)
  • ​​From IBM business consultant to running two businesses remotely
So, what's actually stopping you from making progress on your side business today?

You know exactly what you want, and you certainly have consumed more than enough information to take action (so much so that the choice is paralysing).

Yet, your mind has become an excuse factory, talking you down and reminding you why you are not ready to take action and take the next step. Take a look at the most common limiting beliefs holding entrepreneurs from taking action: which ones keep you stuck?

“I’m not ready to start a business because…”

❌ I don’t have an idea.
Ideas without execution are worthless. Not having a clear idea is often an advantage, as it allows you to be open to your customers’ feedback instead of blindly clinging to your plans.

I don’t have the right budget.
Most online businesses can be hosted on a marketplace for free, and nowadays we can access software for small monthly fees. Start simple, and your sales will pay for the rest.

❌ I have a job. I don’t have the time to work on a business.
Great! Having your job means that you’ll have the headspace and time to be strategic and create a solid foundation, instead of scrambling to somehow generate a paycheque.
Limited time will keep you focused on the important, so you don’t procrastinate.

❌ I need more information.
The more you read or listen to, the more confused you end up: there’s so much info that you don’t know where you start. Take action with us, and turn information into transformation.

Someone else has already ‘used’ my idea
Fantastic! As long as someone is buying from them, it means that there’s an existing market and demand for your idea – less work for you. After all, how many cereal brands exist?

I don’t have an audience.
Well, don’t worry, someone else has created one for you. Collaborations, content, interviews, gifts, ads, fairs and markets are all existing audiences you can tap into. We’ll find yours.

What if I fail?
You’ll only fail if you decide to give up. But you’ll never be successful if you don’t give yourself a chance to win. Together, I’ll show you how to use constant feedback to improve.

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own

Join this coaching programme, and build the foundations of your online business. Instead of letting procrastination keep you stuck looking for more information or fabricating more reasons (i.e. excuses) why ‘you’re not ready’, gain guidance and accountability. Together, we'll have fun in the process.

In this 12-week programme, you’ll gain the exact step-by-step you need to lay down solid foundations for your business, focusing on the MMF framework: mindset, market, and feedback. Yes, it also sounds like a bad word, because we mean business.

If you’re ready to join, send me your application today, and I’ll review it ASAP.

What launching your business feels like:

Student CEO stories.

Barbie was stuck in a loop, looking for more information and procrastinating on launching here business: she didn't know what the first step should be.

She got clarity by talking to her ideal customers, launched an online store, landed a collaboration with a major brand and…even got her first sale!
Connor was looking to create a coaching program from his passion and experience with music producing.

Clarity and hesitation held him back from finding a clear niche and defining an offer to attract his audience.
In weeks, Connor designed his program and created a repeatable system to find leads.
Chris wanted to turn his skill and passion for writing into a profitable business, but wasn't sure where to start from.

He went from confusion to launching his services online and securing his first recurring client.
Ocean went from having no business idea to testing different services and then finding a repeatable way to find clients.

She got clarity by zeroing in on who she wanted to help and work with: entrepreneurs with a personal brand.
Tom wanted to create an online business to empower salespeople multiply their results.

He wanted to combine impact and freedom, but wasn't sure what the next step should be.

He focused on launching an event, which gave him his first paying client.
When friends kept asking her for direction, Jasmine knew that she wanted to start a life coaching business, but wasn't sure where to begin.

In a few sessions, she got clarity and confidence: she identified her offer, target market, and even closed her first client in a matter of a few weeks.

During the 12 weeks, you will be able to…

  • Know your ideal customer: draw the perfect identikit and learn how to find them
  • ​Beat the myth of the lonely entrepreneur: get weekly accountability
  • ​Get direction and guidance by going through a tested coaching framework
  • ​Stop perfectionism, procrastination, and doubt get in your way: take your first step
  • ​Learn and apply a repeatable way to find your first customer, and grow beyond
  • ​Gain the samurai mindset to help you get past your challenges and find a solution
  • ​Remain able to adapt by only focusing on the next step instead of overthinking
  • ​Adopt the ‘feedback hunter’ mindset to turn challenges into fuel to grow even faster
  • ​Set clear objectives around your business and lifestyle, to gain ultimate clarity
Some students may even get their first sale during the 12 weeks, though this is dependent on your situation, market, and action taking, and cannot be guaranteed.

How the program works: 

Go through the programme on your own or in tandem with one other aspiring CEO: I'll do the perfect matchmaking, and you'll keep each other accountable.

Video lectures will unlock every week to share the most important business mindsets and principles, and give you your weekly mission.

Each week, we’ll have a coaching call during which we’ll go through actions, wins, and challenges, and expand on key concepts.

Receive a recording of each session for you to listen to or watch again.

Access notes and a summary for each call.
TL;DR: if you’re like me and you skipped to the bottom, here’s the short version.

The way I see it, you have a choice. You can keep looking for more information, and let procrastination keep you from launching your business. Or you can apply to join and finally take action, and learn how to validate and launch your business together – you'll get direction and accountability.  I handpick every candidate to make sure we’re a great fit, so apply today.

– Matt

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